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Through in-school musical performances and workshops, community concerts, festival outreach, JAMinc has helped deliver music to nearly 100,000 students and countless music lovers in the Richmond VA area.


JAMinc Live Shows

Golden Age, Studio A

Live concerts continue in 2024 at Hardywood Brewing’s Barrel Room, Mary Munford auditorium, Reveler Experiences, and In Your Ear’s fabled Studio A. Read more »

Musical Schools Collective

El Conjunto Guantanamo at Southampton

We’re creating the JAMinc Outreach Collective, a program that connects local schools with participating musicians for in-school performances, workshops and other events. Read more »

News & Notes

The Return of our Radio Series

The Return of our Radio Series

After 76 hour-long In Your Ear radio shows, we’re putting a new coat on our live performance concert series now renamed “JAMinc Presents…”

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