Alash at IYE, 2024
Alash at IYE, 2024

He performed at In Your Ear’s Studio A on Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

Kenny White and Elizabeth Wise played at In Your ear Studios for two sets to over 50 attendees. Kenny played the first set, mainly on piano, showcasing his songwriting chops. He proved to the audience what one critic has once observed, “If Mark Twain was a musician, he’d be Kenny White.” Kenny’s songs were insightful, observational and often funny.

Beginning the second set, Elizabeth joined in for a couple of songs with guitar and vocals. They are long-time friends and it showed the way they played together with very little rehearsal time. This evening was made more special with the return of potluck sharing before the show. A splendid time was had by all.

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Alash at IYE, 2024
Alash at IYE, 2024

Currently touring as the opening act for Cheryl Wheeler

Kenny White comes to the world of the touring singer-songwriter following a long and successful musical journey. An accomplished pianist, who also performs on guitar, Kenny has now become more known for his clever lyrics. LONG LIST OF PRIORS, his aptly named current album, is the latest collection of original songs: snapshots of the human condition.

Audiences often comment that a Kenny White concert moves them to laughter and tears – sometimes within the same song!

Elizabeth Wise added to show!

RVA blues musician Elizabeth Wise will sit-in with Kenny for a couple of his songs. Kenny and Elizabeth go back a long way with Elizabeth saying he’s one of her longest and dearest friends and an early mentor of her songwriting efforts. She still sends him her new songs to get his feedback. Her addition is sure to add to the evening’s magic.

More about Kenny White

Born in New York City and raised across the river in Fort Lee, NJ, Kenny White began his career in the 1970s, touring exclusively as the keyboard player for Jonathan Edwards and later with Livingston Taylor, on Linda Ronstadt’s legendary, “Living in the USA” tour.

He was awarded the International Songwriting Award at the Premio Ciampi music festival in Livomo, Italy. And though he has all but given up his days as a sideman, in 2014, he accepted an offer by none other than Tom Jones to  play in his ‘soul quartet’ for a sold-out, three-week US tour.

White spent five song-less years before catching the first spark that would soon lead to LONG LIST OF PRIORS. Kenny says, “As usual, this became a deeply personal record for me. A chronicle of how the heart copes with the passing years, these tumultuous times, and the struggle to find simplicity in a complex world. It took being able to tune out the noise and interference of that world before I could hear what was inside me. That’s the trick. I also wanted to make a pure ‘sounding’ record. Where you can lose yourself in the sonic landscape and feel like you are in the room with the musicians and singers.”

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