Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

​A J Lee and Blue Summit played to a sold out crowd at Hardywood’s Barrel Room in Richmond the evening of September 27th. It was a showcase of the band’s not-so-bluegrass music in two 45 minute sets. The crowd roared their approval many times over the evening of the bands technical prowess of both their instrument playing and singing with several members taking on vocal duties. Their performance simply wowed the crowd and a few teary eyes were noted during the evening.

Read about the band’s visit to Mary Munford the next day!

About AJ Lee & Blue Summit

AJ Lee & Blue Summit made their first appearance in Santa Cruz in 2015. Led by singer, songwriter, and mandolinist, AJ Lee, the bluegrass band has performed all over the world, but finds home in California’s Bay Area.

The latest full length project, I’ll Come Back, debuted August 2021 – with national touring in support of the record ongoing. Although falling loosely under the bluegrass label, AJLBS generally plays sans banjo, with Sullivan Tuttle (Molly’s brother) and Scott Gates on steel stringed acoustic guitars, AJ on mandolin, Jan Purat on fiddle, and Chad Bowen on upright bass – a configuration effectively used to create unique space and texture in the arrangements not as commonly found in the music of their peers. Drawing from influences such as country, soul, swing, rock, and jam music, the band uses the lens of bluegrass as a vessel through which to express and explore the thread that binds and unifies all great music.

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Hardywood Craft Brewery/Barrel Room
2410 Ownby Lane
Richmond VA 23220