Alash at MWGS in 2024

Monday, February 13th, 2024 was a long but gratifying day for Alash and their road manager. They drove from Annandale straight to Maggie Walker Governor’s School for a noon meet and greet with about 100 students. The band and manager Sean Quirk talked about the genesis of Tuvan throat singing and demonstrated their musical style with a handful of songs over the 90-minute session. The students sat in rapt attention experiencing a type of music foreign to their collective ears. However, the students rose to the occasion asking several insightful questions.

Michael White, Chair of the Department of International Languages and Teacher of Russian and Slavic Folklore, put it best, “I was thrilled to see the full house, and gratified to hear the effusive praise from our students and teachers. They simply LOVED Alash and were delighted by their music. And Sean’s explanations were illuminating and went a long way toward making sense of this mysterious skill. This was a special opportunity, and we’re so grateful to have hosted them. Thank you all for putting this together. It was a real treat for us.”

photos by Bill Rice