Susan Greenbaum

Singer songwriter
Genre: Americana-ish, acoustic rock-ish, folk-ish, pop-ishmix

I’m a songwriter influenced heavily by the record collections and AM/FM radio music that my parents and much older brothers played in my growing-up years in Kansas. I’m challenged to narrowly describe my music, as I write what some might consider genre-crossing songs. But I demand a lot of my songwriting: Decent‚ at least good, but the goal is excellent, lyrics that are meaningful and accessible to all; and pretty but hopefully beautiful melodies that people can sing along with and that suit the lyrics. I want my songs to tell stories and inspire listeners to paint those stories in their minds. My goal as a performer is for every listener to have a great time at my shows; I give every performance my all; I try to sing and play really well, and I also try to inject some humorous, friendly chatting into the show. I want everyone to have fun!

Susan Greenbaum

Susan Greenbaum plays on the Family Stage at the 2023 Richmond Folk Festival.

Availability & Offerings

General Availability:
I have good availability at pretty much any time of day or night. Try me!

Potential Offerings:
I can perform in large auditoriums and small classrooms. I have experience talking to students about the process of songwriting, tracing the evolution of popular music in the 20th and 21st centuries, and conducting songwriting workshops for beginners and more advanced aspiring songwriters.

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Telephone: 804-921-7171

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