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 A MacArthur “Genius” Grant winner, astounding guitarist and singer Corey Harris composes and performs music that spans the Mississippi Delta to Mali, from New Orleans to the Caribbean, including elements of reggae and songs sung in French.

“Blues was what I understood deepest in myself,” says Harris, “because I grew up with that. My mom was of that generation. She lived in the depression in northeast Texas near Louisiana, so I always heard stories about it. It wasn’t a stretch for me to understand what was going on, even though it took me a while to be able to play it.”


Some songs we might be treated to: Skip James’s unusually mournful sound on “Special Rider Blues” and “Cypress Grove,” Robert Petway’s “Catfish Blues, ” said to have influenced the young John Lee Hooker, and the model for Muddy Waters’s “Rolling Stone,” a down and dirty blues called “Mr. Turner,” dedicated to Otha Turner, from the Hill Country of Mississippi. Others may include “Charlene,” a song Harris wrote and sings in French, using a guitar tuning he picked up by watching a guitarist from the West African Mande griot tradition, and “Coahoma,” a picking, sliding guitar instrumental, a song inspired by trains and named for the Mississippi county where Harris wrote it. Cross your fingers that we’ll be treated to some masterful slide guitar on Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground.” Expect to also hear material from his album Fulton Hill Blues, written while he lived her in Richmond in recent years.

Corey will perform on January 26, 2017 @ In Your Ear Studio (1813 East Broad St – Richmond, VA)
Doors 6:30, Music 7:30
For tickets please click on the button below:


12 Comments on “Upcoming Events

  1. Please, please , please sell me one ticket. My “friend” let it slip by and missed the deadline. Can I please buy just one ticket. I promise to bring food for five people!!!!! Peter Barton, everton_109@yahoo.com 804.852.5016

  2. Hi,
    We do not have a December event planned, as we typically take the month off for the holidays! Check out our 2015 schedule for upcoming shows. We hope to see you soon!

  3. Peter,
    Sorry we are just now seeing this. I hope you were able to get a ticket! Our 2015 schedule is up now. Hope to see you at some future shows.

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  5. I have 2 extra tickets to this event and would love to find a home for them. If interested, please email me at the attached address. Thanks

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  7. The Moore Brothers Band are amazing I saw them at IBMA and was blown away by the incredible job they did. It was a huge crowd and everyone loved it. This is a great venue to see them small and intimate with awesome sound. You don’t want to miss this show.

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