Nellie McKay at Studio A

She performed at In Your Ear’s Studio A on December 4, 2023. See photos taken by Skip Rowland »

Just as she did at her May, 2019 show, Nellie walked into Studio A, after a five hour drive from West Virginia, and, without saying a word, captivated the almost capacity crowd.

She started with several tunes at the grand piano before moving to her ukulele to sing songs both new and classic. She also added harmonica to sweeten the deal. Moving back to the piano for a cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, Nellie was joined on sax and vocal by local musician John Winn. Together, with virtually no rehearsal, they wove a wonderful musical moment greatly appreciated by the audience.

As board president Tim Timberlake summed the evening up, “It was a magical night.” The next morning she played for several hundred students at Sabot School. Read about it and see photos »

About Nellie McKay

Nellie McKay is hard to categorize. She’s done Brecht on Broadway, opened for Lou Reed at Carnegie Hall, sung Woody Allen movie songs at the Hollywood Bowl, performed on A Prairie Home Companion, duetted with Eartha Kitt and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, played Hilary Swank’s sister on the big screen, paid tribute to Doris Day, and released three wildly acclaimed albums of original music.

Her music is as tuneful and clever as the best of the Great American Songbook – part cabaret, part sparkly pop. But beneath the charming melodic surface is a wit that cuts, and a sharply tuned social conscience.

Nellie is also a recipient of PETA’s Humanitarian Award and The Humane Society’s Doris Day Music Award in recognition of her dedication to animal rights.

Find out more about Nellie on her website »

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Nellie McKay


In Your Ear, Studio A
1813 E Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23223