Our Story


JAMinc’s mission is simple, but powerful – to open minds, hearts and ears to music deserving a wider audience through education, performance, and support.

Through in-school musical performances, community concerts, festival outreach and workshops, JAMinc has helped deliver music to nearly 100,000 students and countless music lovers in the Richmond area.

JAMinc operates as a nonprofit and is run completely by a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the mission and devoted to the preservation of the arts.

Where it all began

In 2001, bandleader, arranger and VCU Jazz guru Doug Richards along with Wally Thulin, promoter, manager and serious music lover, hatched a plan to enhance the traditional music scene in Richmond, not only in the schools but also in the community. Their grassroots idea would quickly gain momentum and grow into what is now known as JAMinc.

The organization would soon secure 501(c)(3) status and become a successful, nonprofit organization promoting music education and appreciation in local public and private schools through the support of nationally and internationally recognized folk, bluegrass, gospel, jazz, and blues musicians.

First JAMinc Concert

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Kyle Davis performs at the Richmond Folk Festival.

“I am very grateful for the existence of this nonprofit organization that helps to open minds and hearts and especially ears by taking real, live music to young people in public schools over Richmond and central Virginia and by providing a wonderful venue for musicians from very diverse genres to collaborate. I was fortunate to take part in one of those collaborations which was one of the high points of my music career . This is a vital organization that I am glad and proud to to be involved with and will continue to support in anyway I can.”

– Phil Wiggins