Collegiate School

November 25.2008
Mr. Tim Timberlake
Chairman of the Board
P. O. Box 8462
Richmond, V A 23226-0462

Dear Tim,
I am writing to express my gratitude to JAMinc. for providing the opportunity for
so many wonderful musicians to play and share their craft with our Middle School
studentst. The past two years have been highlighted by a host of talented groups and
individuals who have exposed our students to different forms of music, shared aspects of
their cultures, and taught many lessons such as the value of music as an art form and the
importance of hard work and dedication. This includes, AltaiKai (Russian throat singers),
Kotchenga (African drummers and dancers), Peter Ostroushko (folk/old time/bluegrass),
Paul Rishell and Annie Raines (blues), Wayne Henderson and Helen White
(bluegrass/oldti me/swing),and Bryan Bowers (folk/storytelling). A more impressive,
diverse group of performers can hardly be imagined.
Andy Garrigue has been a terrific resource to us as we have scheduled the acts.
The musicians have been true professionals in every sense of the word and have
genuinely enjoyed playing for our students. In sum, it has been a great success.
Thank you again for the fine work of JAMinc. and I hope to see you on campus
again soon, perhaps as early as January when we are planning for a performance by
Robbin Thompson

All the best,
Charles L . Blair,J r.
Head, Middle School
North Mooreland Road . Richmon4 Virginia 23229 .

804-740-7077 . FAX 804-741-9797

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