School Outreach

At the core of JAMinc’s mission is music education. JAMinc is dedicated to bringing music from all corners of the world to Richmond area school to expose K-12 students to traditional music from a variety of cultures.

Since 2003, JAMinc has organized countless in-school musical events at over 50 Richmond schools including, Mary Munford Elementary, Miles Jones Elementary, Collegiate School, Binford Middle School, the Steward School, St. Andrews School, Maggie Walker Governor’s School, and St. Christopher’s School. Read what these schools have to say about JAMinc’s school outreach program.

These free performances typically draw crowds of 300 to 500 students. Through these events, more than 90,000 K-12 students have been exposed to traditional music that they would not likely hear as part of their regular music curriculum. Check out a few of our school outreach visits.

Richmond Folk Festival partnership

In 2006, JAMinc began a partnership with the National Folk Festival – now the Richmond Folk Festival – to bring national and international musicians into schools for educational performances during the festival week. In the years since its founding, JAMinc volunteers have coordinated these events and provided transportation for the visiting artists from all over the world. This partnership will serve as an important conduit for JAMinc to expose students to a variety of musical styles for years to come.

Diverse voices and talent

In Your Ear Studio Concert musicians who agree to work with JAMinc are paid an honorarium for in-school events, usually two or three in conjunction with their In Your Ear concert appearance. Visiting musicians are also provided with complimentary accommodations at a local sponsoring hotel.

Featured school outreach artists have include:

  • Brad Davis
  • Steve Smith
  • Two Stringers
  • Annie Raines and Paul Rishell
  • Bruce Molsky
  • Eddie and Martha Adcock
  • Phil Wiggins and Allen Holmes
  • Tony Trischka
  • Alhaji Papa Susso
  • Gerald Anderson and Spencer Strickland
  • Mike Lille
  • Jake Armerding
  • Rick Epping
  • Dennis Gruenling & Steve Guyger
  • Bearfoot
  • Eliza Lynn
  • Wayne Henderson & Helen White
  • Bryan Bowers
  • Tony Furtado
  • Indigenous Gourd Orchestra
  • Howard Levy with Chris Siebold
  • Wil Maring and Bobert Bowlin
  • Anne and Pete Sibley
  • IONA
  • The Bee Eaters
  • Mike McAdsam & Eric Holt
  • Nedski & Mojo
  • Duck Baker
  • Jonathan Byrd
  • Dana and Susan Robinson
  • BobNation
  • Phil Wiggins and Rick Franklin
  • Jeff Antoniuk and the Jazz Update
  • The Harris Brothers with Nate Leath
  • Vicky Genfan
  • Greg Trooper
  • Dry Branch Fire Squad
  • The Stray Birds
  • Butterbean Jazz Quartet
  • Joe Filisco and Eric Noden
  • Jim Avett