Artist Quotes

“Pairing the school visit with a concert makes both of those experiences richer. When you play for kids through a program like JAMinc, with an existing presence in the place you’re touring through, you feel like you’re actually seeing that place, beginning to understand it. This is especially true because you’re interacting with kids, who are so wonderfully and completely themselves, reflections of their community and all. And then you play a show with a sense of situation in a place, rather than recreating the same act you do every night in a roughly homogenous string of locations. I’m grateful for organizations like this, which remind us that the whole experience of music is, in the end, an exchange between people – we’re ambassadors to our audience and they to us.”

“I am very grateful for the existence of this nonprofit organization that helps to open minds and hearts and especially ears by taking real, live music to young people in public schools over Richmond and central Virginia and by providing a wonderful venue for musicians from very diverse genres to collaborate. I was fortunate to take part in one of those collaborations which was one of the high points of my music career . This is a vital organization that I am glad and proud to to be involved with and will continue to support in anyway I can.”

“Music CAN be a powerful, healing tool AND in order for music to effect change, it needs an ambassador. JAMinc is that dedicated organization/bridge between the artist and the community. Thank you JAMinc for believing in the arts and creating clear ways to make it available throughout your community. Keep Jammin!”

“JAMinc serves a real need in Richmond for connecting audiences to a deep, meaningful musical experience. They treated me like a rock star.”