As the first of 300 or so students entered the auditorium at Mary Munford Elementary School in the first week of November 2019, they spontaneously began to clap in time as Violet Bell was ending its sound check with Principal Greg Muzik. Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez were immediately impressed with the students’ musicality and told them so during their 45-minute concert.

The duo was also impressed when they told the students they have played 400 shows in four years and the students immediately “did the math” to figure out that’s 100 shows each year.

During the performance, Lizzy explained that they do “original” songs meaning they write their own words and music. She told the assembled students they too could be songwriters. “Just listen to what’s in your head while you’re doing your chores, or anything really, and work on some words and a tune.” The students seemed to think that was an exciting idea.

Both Omar and Lizzy expressed their thanks to the students for being a great audience and asked if they were enjoying school. The shouted out answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!” After the show a handful of students came to the stage to thank the duo for performing at their school and to give out a few well received hugs.

Photos by Bill Rice and Tim Timberlake