In my memory, I don’t recall ever having to cancel one of our JAMinc/In Your Ear concerts in our 16-year-run. This would have been our 112th.

But these are uncharted waters we’re sailing and in the best interests of our audience and our artists, our spring shows are cancelled. We hope to reschedule these concerts as possible. Any seats purchased will be refunded via PayPal.

This COVID-19 threat is putting such a strain on life as we know it, mainly because the only weapon we apparently have to fight its spread is to be apart.

So here’s to making the most of your social distancing … listen to a lot of good music and pay for it. Buy or download some new CDs knowing that the musicians we love will be among the most impacted.

Just imagine if your main source of income was just shut off for a month or two. Maybe the silver lining here is that we’ll not take so much of our daily lives for granted and our time in the presence of family and good friends will mean more.

Take good care of each other …

Tim Timberlake, President