and we’d like your thoughts as we adapt.

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All of us at JAMinc hope these last days of spring find you healthy, well and full of hope for the future. It’s been a rough and rocky season for sure but we hope you share our confidence that a bright light lies just ahead at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not an oncoming train. The swirl of events has driven a re-evaluation of so many aspects of our lives and a renewed appreciation for so many things that we may have taken for granted. Like gathering in Studio A for an intimate night of well-played music.

Since our collective health precludes that scenario for the time being, we’re forging ahead with plans for a high quality live stream for our IYE series this fall.

Shockoe SessionsCarlos and the gang at the studio have already broken ground with their Shockoe Sessions every Tuesday night at 7:30. The first one ran last week and can be seen on YouTube in its entirety. We’d ask you to take a look and enjoy the calming artistry of Michael Lille who some of you might remember as a Robbin Thompson compadre and an early guest at our In Your Ear series back in 2004.  This will give you an idea of at least the audio and video quality of the show but our concerts will be presented with our own look and structure. On future Tuesdays, they’ll be welcoming Coby Batty & the Rhythmasters, Kyle Davis and Elizabeth Wise (booked for our December show with a full band of outstanding locals) among others.
We’d welcome any thoughts you might have about the Shockoe Sessions…what you like about what you see and things you might imagine done differently for our shows.  We plan to make them free to watch but will be asking for generous tipping via PayPal or Venmo.  JAMinc will be offering our artists a fair performance fee in lieu of charging “admission” and they’ll also be recording a short 10 to 15 minute video expressly for viewing in our schools, to fill that important part of our mission. Send your thoughts and feedback to

And don’t forget our last two In Your Ear encore airings on VPM Music. Nellie McKay on June 20th and the Fireside Collective on June 27th. Both air at 5pm just ahead of Live From Here with Chris Thile. 
Here’s to an improving landscape on all fronts during the coming summer … be safe and support your artistic community however you can.